Japanese Fire Equipment


With many years of craftsmanship background (traditional techniques), a lot of the equipment manufactured in Japan are developed and designed to achieve more accurate, detailed performance,
and its function to meet the needs. And it is manufactured under strict quality control from raw material procurement to commercialization, and has high reproducibility and consistent quality.
These traditional manufacturing techniques are also utilized in the development, design and manufacture of Japanese fire equipment.
Fire equipment is used to prevention, control, and reduce damage from disasters such as fires. There is fire extinguishing equipment, alarm equipment, evacuation equipment, and supporting firefighting activities installed in buildings. In addition, there are equipment used for fire extinguishing and rescue activities, and equipment for protecting those who are engaged in fire extinguishing and rescue activities.
The development, design and manufacture of Japanese fire equipment has a long history.
During that period, disasters such as fires of buildings occurred, and the dangers of disasters such as fires and their damages were complicated and diversified because the buildings were diversified, high-rise, and large-scale.
In response to these changes, Japanese fire equipment is also actively introducing new science and technology that is evolving aiming for more pioneering, advanced performance and functions and improvement of quality reliability, it is evolving day by day, such as easier installation and maintenance.
The companies that manufacture and sell Japanese fire equipment introduced in this booklet are representative companies in Japan. These companies have an excellent track record in the longstanding development and design as well as manufacturing technology, and provide high-quality and excellent performance functions.
Fire equipment introduced by each company is posted as product information that can be actively introduced and sold overseas. If you are interested in or want more detailed information about the fire department equipment listed in this booklet, it is recommended that you contact the inquiry desk of each company listed in the booklet.

Fire Equipment Overseas Deployment Support Center

Types of Japanese fire equipment

- Fire equipment includes fire detection and alarm equipment for early detection of fire occurrence
and alarm/report to related parties, firefighting equipment and fire extinguishing system that
are effective for initial firefighting, guide lamps and escape equipment to help people evacuate
smoothly, equipment that supports firefighting activities of the fire brigade, and vehicles and
equipment for fire extinguishing and rescue activities used by the fire brigade.
- These are installed and used according to their purposes.

Fire equipment used for fire prevention and safety measures for buildings

Fire equipment used for fire extinguishing and rescue activities of the fire brigade

System for ensuring the quality of fire equipment

The following system ensures the quality of the performance functions of fire equipment.
In preparation for a fire outbreak on a daily basis, it will continue to provide security and supervisory,
and in the unlikely event of a fire, Japanese fire equipment will fully provide the performance required.

*This is an example of ensuring the quality of Japanese fire equipment installed in buildings.